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At CM Performance Horses, we are not just about correctly and effectively getting a strong foundation on a horse, but also take into account the health and well-being of each equine athlete. This was the the beginning of CM Health & Wellness.


CM Health & Wellness is a dealer for Draw It Out®, XLR8 Equine, Benefab Affiliate and 100X Equine. Our equine partners are athletes and should be treated as such, that is why CM Health & Wellness carries products that can uplevel your horse's performance. 

If we take care of our equine athletes, they'll take care of us. 


We lost all of our inventory in a fire so currently have no stock or product for sale. We will be back up and running soon! If you'd like an email when we get going again please just fill out a contact form! 

  • How Do I Go About Purchasing A Machine?
    Please contact me and I will get you setup with a machine.
  • Is There Financing Options?
    Yes, please contact me for financing options.
  • What Is The Difference Between The Analog And Digital Machines?
    Please visit this link:
  • Is There A Rental Option?
    Yes, MagnaWave offers a Try Before You Buy program where you can rent a machine. Rental costs will go towards the purchase of a machine if you choose to go ahead and purchase.
  • Is There A Warranty With The Machines?
    Yes, there is a 10 year warranty on all machines.
  • Does The Practitioner Certification Come With The Machine?
    Yes, this is included in the purchase of the machine.
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