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Barrel Racers EDGE

Not only do our equine athletes need to be at their peak performance, but we, as competitors, do too. High level performance means high level results. 

Core Values

Unlock Your Potential

My Story

Back in 2020, I was on the struggle bus. Struggling with my nutrition, physical wellness, mental health, and with my faith. I had felt as if I was at my all time low. I needed help in a big way. 

Through this journey, I have been able to whole heartedly level up and become a better version of myself. Personal growth alone has been huge for me. Financially I am in a better place, and physically I have added a workout program to my routine. Nutritionally, I am finding quick, easy ways to eat healthy while always being on the go. Nutrition does not have to be hard. 

My faith has grown in more ways than I can count. I found a great church with people I consider family and I have really made it a priority to put God first. Because at the end of the day, it's His plan and His journey we are on. 

Don't compete with anyone else but who God made YOU capable of!

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