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Benefits of RegenX:

  • Improve Topline & Muscle Tone
  • Speed Exercise Recovery
  • Enhance Stamina
  • Increase Body Condition
  • Relieve Tight Muscle Stiffness
  • Reduce Muscle Loss
  • Increase Cell Metabolism
  • Promote Muscle Growth & Repair
  • Stimulate Cell Regeneration


1 Gallon is a 4 month supply, pump is included. 


100% Dedicated to Equine Muscle Growth & Repair


In a recent study published by Dunstan, R. 2020; Amino Acid turnover during exercise are required in greater quantities due to disproportionate losses via excretory systems and usage in biosynthetic pathways. After evaluation of daily amino acid turnover via negative nitrogen balance, critical limiting factors have been identified for anabolism. Matching the correct Amino Acids is important to facilitate optimal turnover, and once metabolized they cannot be reconstructed and must be replenished via dietary intake.


The study published by Kronfeld, D.S. 2005; Amino Acid supplementation improves muscle mass in horses. Horses receiving supplementary AA's were able to maintain muscle mass better than those without supplementation, regardless of age, as evidenced by the improvement in muscle mass scores, lower BCS with no difference in BW and lower 3MH and PUN concentrations.


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